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Lightweight mobile pizza ovens

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I cook in my wood fired oven?

You are not limited to pizza, what ever your domestic oven can cook; you should be able to cook in a wood fired oven. Invest in a good Wood Fired Oven cookery book to fully appreciate the potential of your new oven.

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  • Do the ovens require building or any self-assembly?

We pride ourselves on the fact that you can use your Bernito wood fired oven immediately.

We recommend a smaller and shorter fire first to acclimatise the oven to its new surroundings, so maybe only cook 9 or 10 pizzas on your first firing.

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  • What fuel should i use?

The better the quality of hard wood, the quicker and easier it will be to light and reach temperature.

Kiln dried Logs and Kindling with natural firelighters.

Do make sure the wood is dry; the wood should have a moisture content of no more than 20%.

Many large DIY stores sell kiln dry wood, but then leave it outside in the rain.

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  • Does the oven need any maintenance?

Occasionally you can knock off some of the fire cement with your pizza peel. We provide a pot of this cement with your oven.

Also if you heat the oven to excessive temperatures the fire cement can crack.

Please just pop the pot of cement in the freezer and defrost when necessary. Just fill the crack and leave to dry, build the temperature up slowly on the next firing and remember to return the pot of cement to the freezer.

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  • What should I put the oven on?

We sell stands and trolley/stands for the ovens. We would recommend a metal stand, you can choose to design your own stand but please note the ovens need to be sited on a flat surface. Please be aware that the base of the oven will get very hot, so if you decide to place on a sturdy table for example you will need to raise the oven off the surface with something like ceramics tiles or hard wood.

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  • Can the oven stay outside during the winter?

If you choose to leave your oven out over the winter you will have to take precautions to protect it. We would suggest a pillow inside to absorb moisture, a thermal blanket completely covering the oven and a waterproof cover. Or as it’s so portable – stick it in the garage or the shed. Lots of our customers store the oven in the garage and then they are still able to use it during the colder months.

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  • I haven’t used my oven for a while; do I need to do anything differently?

If the Oven hasn’t been used for a month or longer, it will have inevitably absorbed some moisture. We would advise extra precautions when firing. A slow small fire at a relatively low heat to warm the oven and dry out the materials.

  • Can I have the oven in a different colour?

Yes, we have a full range of colours. Our standard colour is Terracotta.

We are happy to manufacturer your oven to your colour specification. This may well incur an additional charge.

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  • Can I have a different chimney?

Of course, we will try and accommodate your requirements.

All our ovens come with a rigid spigot, that you can add chimneys too at an additional cost.

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  • How do I know when the oven is up to temperature?

We provide a handheld infrared Thermometer; only at the perfect temperature can you make the perfect pizza or seal in the flavours and moisture of your meats and vegetables.

  • What cookware should I be using?

Always check the heat recommendations of all the cookware that you intend to use with the oven. We recommend stainless steel and non-varnished cast-iron.

  • I need some tips in how best to cook using my pizza oven

11 Tips for being a BBQ pro – Have a read and if you’re still unsure, after looking on their site and this FAQ page, please do
contact us.

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