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Lightweight mobile pizza ovens
Flames and arch from Bernito Pizza Ovens logo.

With our design consultant’s forty-year experience in manufacturing kilns, furnaces and ovens, we have designed a range that encapsulates all our modern requirements.

Bernito Wood Fired Ovens use modern ceramic materials and proven design techniques to make the most lightweight and fully portable ovens on the market today.

Quick, easy, safe, clean and economical whilst delivering great tasting food.

The ovens will reach cooking temperature in approximately thirty minutes. All ovens come pre-cured and ready to use immediately. Our range is safe to touch during the cooking cycle with low smoke emissions and the ovens have a negligible carbon footprint.

red ceramic pizza oven

Wood fired ovens are not just limited to Pizza. These ovens cook whatever a normal domestic oven can cook. The high temperatures seal in the flavours and kill the bacteria in uncooked foods.

You can roast, bake, and BBQ, the recipes and dishes are limitless.

Monkfish & Prawn Skewers, Tandoori Chicken with naan bread or a lamb tagine.

For our commercial customers the portability and low fuel consumption mean that they are ideal for fitment to vans and trailers.

Handmade to Order

The Bernito Oven range is handmade in England, at our workshop in Berkshire.

They are not a stock item per say and therefore can be tailored to your personal tastes for example we have a range of colours available and branding options. As we are a small family run business we want you to love your oven and we will make your oven with that in mind. The ovens are handmade and therefore no two are exactly the same, bespoke you might say. Rustic and stylish.

The Range

The range consists of four models ranging from the small Evo that is lightweight enough to be taken camping, picnics or just cooking delicious food on your deck or balcony. The Mighty Marco our largest oven is suited to pubs, mobile caterers and food retailers who use the ovens both inside and outside. The other ovens the Medium Jayo and the Medium Large Franco make what we believe a range to suit most requirements and budgets.

The ultimate in outdoor dining and a must have for any garden.

Creates the perfect focal point for your al fresco dining space.

Our ovens are delivered to you pre-cured and ready to use straight away.


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